Lactose Intolerance Test At Home For Baby

Why infants diarrhea in autumn and winter?

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

There are at least 100,000 kinds of microorganisms in the world. Most of them are viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spirochetes. Most of them will not make people sick. Viruses and bacteria are good. The reason why we are sick is that, in our body, There are backdoors that they can invade, or targets, scientific names. The so-called "cracked egg".

The reason why HIV can invade the human body is also that there are HIV receptors on the lymphocytes, and the syphilis pallidum is the only human invader.

Rotavirus is one of the main pathogens causing diarrhea in babies and young children. It mainly infects intestinal epithelial cells, causing cell damage and causing diarrhea. Rotavirus is popular in summer, autumn and winter. The infection route is fecal one-way. The clinical manifestation is acute gastroenteritis, which is osmotic diarrhea. The course of the disease is generally 7 days, fever lasts for 3 days, vomiting is 2~3 days, diarrhea is 5 days. , severe dehydration symptoms.


The number of infant and child deaths caused by rotavirus infections worldwide is about 900,000 per year, mostly in developing countries. In China, the number of infants and young children under 0~2 years old is about 40 million (including newborns). About 10 million infants and young children suffer from rotavirus infectious gastroenteritis every year, accounting for 1/4 of the number of infants and young children. The main cause of severe diarrhea in babies and young children.

Chinese people are too milk intolerance. Drinking milk can cause uncomfortable feelings such as diarrhea and bloat. This is because lactase is absent in the intestine and lactose in milk cannot be digested. Lactase breaks down lactose and produces glucose and galactose.

As age increases, the amount of lactase decreases, so many adults can't tolerate milk, which may be related to the habit of not drinking milk at an early age. Nowadays, children drink milk from an early age and have been stimulating the secretion of lactase from the intestines. When grown-up, they may be able to digest milk well.

The folk saying "drinking honey to treat constipation" is also because, in the intestinal tract of some people, there is a lack of enzymes that break down digestive fructose. After drinking honey, the fructose contained in honey can not be digested, and fructose increases in the intestine, causing infiltration. Sexual diarrhea; on the surface it seems to relieve constipation, actually slight diarrhea; some people have enzymes that break down fructose in the intestines and can not form osmotic high pressure in the intestines, which can not alleviate constipation.

Lactase is a receptor for rotavirus

Intestinal mucosal cells in infants and young children contain a large amount of lactase, so rotavirus is easy to invade babies and young children.

Rotavirus enters the intestines of infants and young children. Lactase can remove rotavirus from the outer capsid; rotavirus that removes the outer capsid can penetrate the epithelial cells of the small intestine and multiply in the cytoplasm of the cells to make the intestinal epithelium The cells are necrotic and shedding.

Normal intestinal epithelial cells contain lactase, maltase, and sucrase. Small intestinal epithelial cell necrosis, these enzymes also destroy, reduce, so that the corresponding sugar in milk and other foods can not be decomposed, digested, forming a high permeability in the intestinal lumen, water moved into the intestinal lumen, causing osmotic vomiting and diarrhea. Because of vomiting and diarrhea, it will cause dehydration, and severe dehydration will cause disorder in the body's acid-base balance, which will be life-threatening.


Some children are born with lactase deficiency. When they are small, they are intolerant to lactose. Drinking ordinary milk will cause bloating and diarrhea. They can only drink special milk powder with lactose removed. But it is also beneficial. There is no lactase and rotavirus. Can not take off the outer shell, it can not penetrate the epithelial cells of the small intestine, it is not easy to be infected by rotavirus, it will be safe; with lactase, it has become a target of rotavirus attack.

Nature is such a contradiction and an interesting existence.

Treatment and care

Rotavirus has no specific therapeutic drugs; but after infection, the intestine will secrete specific IgA antibodies quickly, neutralizing the virus; if properly cared for, it will quickly improve naturally.

Vomiting and diarrhea cause a lot of dehydration synthesis and need to be replenished in time. In general, oral rehydration salts can accomplish this task, allowing children to drink oral rehydration salts frequently; severe dehydration or oral rehydration can not only choose intravenous rehydration, to the hospital for injections.

lactose free
lactose free

If the child is very noisy, it is necessary to find a pediatrician to determine if there is an intussusception and choose whether to do a B-ultrasound. It is forbidden to eat for more than 2 hours, preferably 5-6 hours, so that the intestinal mucosa has a chance to wheezing and repair.

When choosing milk powder for babies, only lactose-free milk powder can be purchased. Fortunately, supermarkets sell, the general milk, yogurt contain lactose, lack of lactase, can not be digested, can make the stomach and stomach uncomfortable, repeated vomiting, diarrhea.

Since the disaccharidases such as maltase and sucrase are also destroyed, these disaccharides, such as white sugar, cannot be contained in the diet. Starch-containing foods should also be appropriately restricted. Starch is also a sugar, which needs to be digested by enzymes to be absorbed. It can not be digested in the intestines, and it will also aggravate diarrhea. Glucose is a monosaccharide that is directly absorbed and can be used as a sweetener to supplement energy. Generally, the rehydration salt is also glucose, but not sucrose.

Corn paste and millet soup can be drunk. The soup contains salt, which can play a rehydration effect. It tastes good. You can eat it a little, but you should eat less to avoid increasing the burden on the intestines. Cookies, cakes, and other sugary, milk powder, can not eat. The renewal cycle of intestinal epithelial cells is about 2-4 days, which is roughly the time required for intestinal recovery.

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