Lactose Intolerance Test At Home For Baby

Why babies are crying in the middle of the night?

Posted on December 20, 2019 by Rebecca

What is the reason for the baby crying in sleep in the middle of the night ? For the novice mother, it is necessary to find the baby's demand point from the sound and rhythm of the baby crying. When the baby does not express himself in words and gestures, crying is an important means for him to express his needs to the outside world. There are physiological, psychological and pathological needs behind the baby's crying.

Psychological research proves that at this stage, you can quickly interpret the baby crying and meet his needs for baby growth and personality improvement in the future have a very big role, so that the baby is more secure, and when dealing with interpersonal relationships when growing up, it is also more active and responsive, and adaptable to the environment stronger.

baby cry
baby cry

How do we read the baby's crying?

The reason why the baby is crying is a lot. The baby will cry when he is sick.It may be hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable in the stomach, or it may be insecure.

In addition to being hungry, sleepy, tired,the Baby’s gastrointestinal gastrointestinal discomfort is also a common cause of crying. Babies within a hundred days often have flatulence, so the folks have the saying that "newborns cry for a hundred days."Also, if the baby is mixed feeding, it will come out every day.

Now there is no regular paroxysmal crying, spitting milk, excessive exhaustion, frequent bowel movements, and thin stools. It should be considered whether milk protein is intolerant.

Or lactose intolerance. You can try to replace the partially hydrolyzed protein with a lower lactose formula.

Then distinguish the baby's crying. "My body is so uncomfortable." If the baby cries uncomfortably because of physical illness, it is not the same as his usual crying. Most parents can instinctively know at this time what went wrong. After getting sick, the baby's crying is usually a weak whimper, and it is characterized by insufficiency, loss of appetite, and may also be accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and other symptoms.

This requires taking the time to see a doctor.

"I have a pain in some part of my body" if he suddenly cries for 2 hours or even longer during the day, and you all the appease that is once effective does not work, so consider taking him to the hospital. Also, you should tell the doctor how the baby is crying and whether it is accompanied by high fever, vomiting, diarrhea or other signs of illness. This may be a very uncomfortable part of the baby's body, not the common cold and fever. Listless crying. One possibility is colic, and now medicine can't explain the cause of colic and there is no effective solution. But after the baby is three months old, the colic will usually be cured, so the mother does not have to worry too much.

"I am hungry", the typical "sound effect of baby crying" of hungry crying is, low-pitched, rhythmic, and repeating certain patterns:

First, cry shortly, then have a pause, then cry shortly, and then pause, just like saying "hungry - hungry -", until the mother is picked up to feed, crying stops. "I am tired" when the baby is tired and sleepy, his crying is impetuous and incoherent, sometimes crying a few times, sometimes it seems like crying and crying. Also, he still yawns, blinks and other small movements, or shows a very annoying look.

baby cries

"I am hot" when the baby's crying is coherent, the palms are very hot, the forehead is on the tide, and the legs are constantly squatting. "too cold (hot), I am very uncomfortable! "Newborns like the feeling of warmth in the body, which is as comfortable as they feel in their mother's stomach. "I just want to hug." Isn't the baby just wanting you to hold him? It's too likely, this is the comparison. The usual way for a baby to be a human being. The crying baby is just stopped and crying, just like an audio switch, which means he may need skin to touch the skin.

As parents should pay more attention to the growth of infants and young children, do not ignore the child's crying, may be caused by lactose intolerance, usually need to observe more necessary hospitals for inspection.

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