Lactose Intolerance Test At Home For Baby

The role of lactase

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

Milk and dairy products are natural foods with rich nutrients. The nutritional value has long been recognized by the world. However, the fly in the ointment is the lactose intolerance caused by the lack of lactase in some people, which affects their normal intake of dairy products.This has largely restricted the popularity of dairy products in people's daily lives and the digestion and absorption of nutrients in dairy products.

Dairy products
Dairy products

With the development of modern biological science and technology, people use lactase to direct the hydrolysis of a large amount of lactose in goat milk and lactose in breast milk and so on , which makes it possible to solve the problem of lactose intolerance, which has been a difficult problem for many years.

The biological function of lactase

Lactase can decompose lactose in the human body into glucose and galactose. Glucose is a source of energy for metabolism in various parts of the body, and galactose is an increase in resistance. These techniques have been applied to the production of human proteins in the pharmaceutical industry. The use of transgenic technology in the cow's body to improve the internal anti-bacterial mechanism to protect against cow mastitis or to produce new anti-bacterial proteins or peptides through the mammary gland can also increase its resistance.


The significance of pretreatment of milk with lactase

About 30% of calories in whole milk and 60% of skim milk are provided by lactose. For infant lactose intolerance and adult lactose intolerance , this energy cannot be fully utilized once the body's energy needs are not full.

In the foot (a child with malnutrition), protein is used only to meet energy needs, not as a unit of human protein. Lactose is different from other sugar substances. It is a carrier of mineral components and promotes the absorption of mineral elements.

Therefore, if lactose is not absorbed, it will be discharged into the intestine and fermented by intestinal microbes to produce acid and produce gas, which leads to gastrointestinal dysfunction and loss of valuable protein and minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium. Loss of quality, which is related to rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults.

Experts' research results show that patients with lactase deficiency have poorer bone structure than normal people, more seriously, if lactase is absent in the body, lactose will not be hydrolyzed into monosaccharides (glucose and a half). Lactose is used for absorption and utilization by the human body, and galactose can promote the synthesis of cerebroside and mucopolysaccharide, thereby promoting the mental development of young children.

Lactose absorption disorder is not only accompanied by signs of lactose intolerance, but also accompanied by decreased appetite, resulting in reduced diet, diarrhea, and loss of a certain amount of food that has been digested. These digested foods can be absorbed but not absorbed. (including valuable protein, microbes, minerals and some sugar in milk), making the use of milk very low, also wasting the precious dietary resources of milk.

The significance of lactase on the hydrolysis of milk in milk:


(1) Provide high quality protein and special sugar sources for children with malnutrition and frail patients;

(2) The lactose intolerance and the cattle intolerant camps relieve the pain of not drinking milk;

(3) It can generally improve people's digestion, absorption and utilization of various protein, vitamins, minerals and sugars in dairy products, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and promote the milk of the majority of the population.

A variety of nutrients in the product are more comprehensive and more direct absorption, which is good for your health.

Xiao Li saw a question and answer questions on the Internet a few days ago. The title is "What is the thing that the British driver from the heir to the taxi driver had eaten when he was a child?" At that time, Xiao Li thought it would be a popular British snack, but The result turned out to be lactase. After seeing the answer, Xiao Li was somewhat skeptical. In Europe, which has the lowest probability of lactose indigestion, how could there be a country where all people eat lactase? So curious, Xiao Li checked the efficacy of lactase, but did not expect to have a lot of benefits to eat lactase, Xiao Li this letter, then let us see what are the benefits?

1,prevent lactose indigestion

We all know that the biggest effect of lactase is that it can help the body to break down and absorb lactose, and avoid breastfeeding diarrhea after breastfeeding diet. In China, 80.6% of babies will have a lack of natural lactase and cannot decompose and digest lactose. Therefore, parents should take lactase for others after birth, to prevent lactose indigestion.

2, shorten the diarrhea time

Infancy is the time when lactase is most abundant in our body, because as the body grows, the activity of lactase will gradually weaken and become less and less, but the amount of lactase in the body is closely related to diarrhea, and if In the case of diarrhea, timely lactase supplementation can also alleviate the symptoms of  diarrhea and shorten the time of our diarrhea. Therefore, parents should deliberately add lactase to their baby from an early age to ensure their intestinal activity and prevent frequent diarrhea in their baby...

3, to avoid affecting the development

Lactose is an indispensable source of energy in the baby's body. It plays a vital role in growth and development. The reason why the baby can absorb lactose is that the lactase in the body helps them to decompose and digest lactose before they can be absorbed smoothly. Therefore, for the healthy growth of the baby, it is really necessary to start lactase from the beginning of their birth.

4, treatment of gastrointestinal dysfunction

Baby is not perfect due to organ development, the body is relatively fragile, so it is often easy to get sick, especially the baby's gastrointestinal function, it is more vulnerable, but if you do not pay attention, the baby is likely to have diarrhea, in fact, this It is irrelevant to the digestive and absorbing function of the baby's small intestine. However, to alleviate this situation, in addition to taking medicine, parents need to take lactase for the baby, which can play a role in adjuvant therapy.

Therefore, lactase has a certain effect on lactose intolerance. Lactase can prevent lactose intolerance. Lactase is appropriately supplemented to hydrolyze lactose to glucose and galactose. Thereby avoiding the symptoms of lactose intolerance for babies and symptoms of lactose intolerance in  adults . Lactose is an indispensable source of energy in children. It is a kind of carbohydrate that plays a vital role in children's growth and development.

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