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People Who Are Lactose Intolerant Can Drink Milk?

Posted on December 23, 2019 by Rebecca

Lactose intolerance refers to: because there is not enough lactase in the body to completely digest the lactose in milk, lactose will accumulate in the intestines and be used by bacteria, resulting in more lactose intolerant treats gas, prone to diarrhea, Fart and other symptoms. About 70% of the world's people have lactose intolerance, with the exception of the Nordic lineage.

The reason why this genetic feature is mainly because in ancient times, humans used hunting and collecting for a living, and later agricultural life introduced milk-producing livestock. It has only been about 8,000 years since it was steadily drunk.


Due to insufficient lactase in the small intestine, undigested lactose enters the large intestine from the small intestine. Microorganisms in the large intestine are fermented by lactose to produce a large amount of gas (a mixture of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane), causing symptoms of diahhea such as bloating and farting.We can provide Lactic acid bacteria test to relief these . At the same time, undigested sugars and fermentation products increase the osmotic pressure in the large intestine, causing an increase in the amount of water flowing into the intestine, causing diarrhea. This is the real cause of lactose intolerance.

Some people do not respond to drinking dairy products, while others vomit and diarrhea, because the intestinal bacteria between people is different. For example, bacteria such as bifidobacteria can produce no gas in the case of preferential use of lactose, and naturally there is no lactose intolerance.

How to drink milk with lactose intolerance

El perjuicio de la intolerancia a la lactosa del bebé
drink milk

How can someone who already has lactose intolerance re-drink milk? We also have some corresponding measures:

For example, adding solid foods such as starch, soy flour, chocolate powder, etc. in dairy products, prolonging the emptying time of the stomach, increasing the activity of the enzymes in the small intestine, alleviating and suppressing the bad symptoms and solving the nutritional problems, this practice proved to be Effective. Studies have shown that the addition of 1.5% cocoa powder to milk in adults can slow down the gastric emptying, and may also reduce the production of intestinal gas and stimulate the activity of chymase.

In addition, the addition of lactase preparations to milk or other dairy products, or regular consumption of active yogurt can also help alleviate the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Because the proportion of active yoghurt fermented by probiotics has been greatly reduced, and the probiotics inside can also help to digest lactose.

How to tolerate lactose?

The problem is, if the results of the milk are all discharged, it is clear that many of the nutrients have not been absorbed. So how can you avoid the symptoms of lactose intolerance?

a small number of times

The core is to drink milk in small quantities, just like my personal experience is to drink milk within 300 ml each time, the state is fine. If you have more than this amount, it is easy to go straight to the toilet. Drinking milk in small amounts can give the intestines plenty of time, allowing a small amount of lactase to slowly digest lactose. After the lactose is completely digested, there will be no symptoms of discomfort. You can record the amount of dairy product that was ingested before the onset of lactose intolerance, and pay less attention to this amount each time.

2. Yogurt, cheese

In general, there is about 4.5 grams of lactose per 100 grams of milk. If it is yogurt, the use of lactose by lactate can reduce the lactose content and is much better tolerated. In addition, many so-called cheeses may be re-made cheese, which has a lower milk content and is less prone to lactose intolerance.

3. Meal

In addition to reducing your intake of dairy products, you can also take a meal. At this time, because of other foods, your stomach emptying time will be prolonged, which will give the intestines more time to break down the lactose.

4. Lactose free milk 

In addition, there are still a lot of lactose-free milk on the market. Because the lactose has been pre-treated, naturally, lactose intolerance will not occur, and even the sweetness will increase, which is quite lactose free milk is made?maybe we can know that from other ways.

what is the best and safest treatment for osteoporosis is with lactose intolerance ?

An important risk factor for osteoporosis is insufficient calcium intake. Dairy products are an important source of calcium, so many people think that people with lactose intolerance have an increased risk of osteoporosis. However, the current conclusions are also conflicting, including studies in the early years that lactose also contributes to the absorption of calcium, which later showed little significance.

In general, authorities generally recommend lactose intolerance, and should follow the same diet strategy as other people to ensure bone health, including drinking milk, including its calcium-rich food and exercise strategies.

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