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Lactose metabolism

Posted on December 24, 2019 by Rebecca


Would you feel uncomfortable if you drink more than one cup of milk? Many people, especially Asians, have symptoms of diarrhea ,bloating,  and abdominal pain. This symptom comes from the lactose in milk. The symptoms come from lactose in milk. Lactase can not be decomposed due to the lack of active lactase in the body. It is called "lactose intolerance". This activity was carried out in the first few years of life, after which the enzyme activity was reduced and the digestion capacity of a large amount of milk was also reduced. However, some people produce lactase in their lifetime and can drink milk without causing discomfort.

Lactase activity ranges from 0 to 100% in different populations around the world. Typically, the MCM6 gene encodes lactase. The different  genotypes of lactase have different activities and have different metabolic abilities to lactose. Other genes may also affect the ability to lactose metabolism.

For most mammals, including humans, lactase maintains high activity until the age of 2, and most people's lactase activity lasts until 2-15 years, then gradually decreases to adult levels, about normal. 10% of infant enzyme activity levels. However, it is currently only found in some humans that lactase can remain active until adulthood or even life.

The lactase of human ancestors was not as persistent as other animals. With the development of farming civilization, animals were domesticated as livestock, people collected animal milk or made dairy products, as an important part of daily diet, human diet Habits constantly adapt to the process, experienced the natural selection pressure to obtain the persistence of lactase activity; due to different dietary environments and habits, lactose intolerance also has genetic differences determined by genetics, Caucasians, especially the Nordic population The incidence is obviously low, such as 2%-15% in Northern Europe, 9%-23% in Central Europe, 6%-22% in American white, 20%-30% in northern India, and 95%-100% in Asia.

In the human intestines, countless enzymes help break down food. Among them, lactase is the most mature in the small intestinal mucosa disaccharidase, the lowest content, the most vulnerable, the slowest recovery, and closely related to human health. Lactose is hydrolyzed by lactase into galactose and glucose and absorbed by the body. When the small intestinal mucosal lactase deficiency or enzyme activity is reduced, lactose can not be decomposed, stay in the intestinal tract, and be decomposed by the intestinal bacteria into lactic acid and CO2 gas. As the osmotic pressure changes, a large amount of water enters the intestinal lumen, causing flatulence. Intestinal fistula, diarrhea and other symptoms.

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When a baby experiences infant lactose intolerance, the mother may wish to control it in the diet to reduce the risk of lactose intolerance in the infant.

1. Drink special formula

If the baby is born with lactase deficiency, you can drink “free-sensitive milk powder” as a special infant formula under the advice and guidance of the doctor. It is suitable for a small number of congenital allergies to milk protein or lactose and diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance. Baby. This specially formulated milk powder has also been adjusted in protein, and it is a special formula that can be safely consumed during diarrhea.

special formula

2. A small number of multiple references

Every lactose intolerant baby has different symptoms. Some children have abdominal distension and diarrhea after drinking a cup of milk. Some children will react when they drink half a cup of milk. This shows that the child is tolerant of dairy products to a certain extent, so try to divide 1 cup of milk into 2 times, or take a small number of times, or dissolve lactose intolerance, or make the child does not develop symptoms of lactose intolerance.

3. Eat with the grain

In general, children who drink milk on an empty stomach will have more severe symptoms, but the lactose concentration of milk may be “diluted” in a given environment when fed on a mixed diet. Therefore, children can eat some biscuits before drinking milk or drinking milk, which will reduce the feeling of intestinal exhaust and relieve discomfort. If you drink milk powder, it is also a good idea to try to add some cereals to eat.

4. The milk noodles are mixed and eaten.

Milk noodles refer to milk and noodles and then steamed, fried, baked and other different ways to make a variety of pasta, such as milk taro, milk twist, milk bread, these noodles are soft and delicious, nutritious, can be used as a baby breakfast choice.

5. Drink yogurt skillfully

Yogurt is produced by fermentation after adding certain lactic acid bacteria. During the fermentation process, 20%-30% of the lactose in the raw milk is decomposed into lactic acid, and the protein and fat are decomposed into small components, and minerals beneficial to the human body such as calcium, iron, and zinc are also decomposed. Therefore, for infants with lactose intolerance, yogurt that is easier to digest is a good choice.

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