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Intestinal health ushers in high light moments

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

Intestinal health is a hotspot in recent years. As research continues, the link between gut microbes and human health and mood becomes clearer. Healthy gut is the foundation of overall health and vitality. Many children and adults Common health problems including persistent infections, eczema, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, dyspepsia and malnutrition can all be attributed to a potential factor, namely poor digestion.

Diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on the gut flora, and foods that regulate the gut flora are more popular with consumers. As a result, Mount Olympus Pure Foods has launched a range of probiotic beverages that are good for gut health.

digestive health
digestive health

Mount Olympus Pure Foods' range of probiotic beverages, including dairy products, goat's milk and plant-based Kefir beverages, are made using traditional Greek techniques, using active Kefir medium to ferment milk or water, each containing billions of probiotics. Bacteria, pure natural, free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. The Kefir bacteria used for fermentation contain 29 active probiotics and 6-8 billion live bacteria. These beneficial bacteria work in tandem with the human body system to convert food into energy, allowing healthy bacteria to reproduce and recover. The microbiota thus restores the imbalance of the flora within the gut.

 probiotic beverages,
probiotic beverages,

Lana Kapelas, the company's nutrition consultant, said that the demand for traditional milk and goat milk is steadily rising. Research shows that goat milk is more beneficial than milk in some aspects. The milk of goat milk is smoother and short-chain fatty acids and medium chain. Higher fatty acid ratios and lower lactose levels mean that the enzymes are more easily broken down and digested. It is a good choice for people who are allergic to milk and infant lactose intolerance.

Uren FoodIngredients has developed a range of bubble apple cider vinegar diet drinks, including plant and flower ingredients and a combination of the two, in addition to a variety of innovative flavors of Kefir dairy drinks.

Due to the revival of gin in recent years, plant extracts have been very trendy for some time. Floral-flavored products are also growing rapidly. Consumers love traditional flavored products and are interested in novel and bold flavors such as cardamom and geranium, as well as combinations of different plants.

GNTExberry uses natural-colored foods to make milk-free smoothies or shakes, using plant-based vegetarian trends and satisfying consumers' expectations for foods of all colors.

Adrian Nathan, senior application technology expert at GNT, said that GNT Exberry uses only natural ingredients and pigments and is vegan-friendly. The main ingredients are rice syrup, coconut milk and oatmeal. For green smoothies, green fruits and vegetables are featured, such as avocado, mint, lime and apple; pink milkshakes contain beetroot, cherries and raspberries; yellow milkshakes contain oranges, pineapples, turmeric and mangoes .

Upstream is a new brand under the soft drink brand Clearly Drinks, offering consumers a natural flavored premium bubble drink with a hint of sweetness and rich flavor that is expected to be available in January 2019.

Amelia Hastings, brand marketing manager at Clearly Drinks, said the company has been working on low-sugar and sugar-free drinks. As consumers become more aware of sugar reduction, the emergence of Upstream makes things easier, unlike mainstream flavored water. Upstream's sweetness is low, conveying the idea of ​​not adding sugar, but without losing flavor. Upstream uses only natural flavors with a small amount of sweetness, with flavors such as lemon and pomegranate, grapefruit and bergamot, cucumber and mint. Unlike the market's common taste, Upstream's unique and refined taste experience makes the product Can be enjoyed alone or with food.

Upstream's initial positioning was to attract the adult market, Hastings said, but because of its rich and rich taste, its potential consumers may be more.


ITS Taste has been developing a new natural flavor to help reduce the sugar and calorie content of beverages. In recent years, the design of sugar-reducing technology has been an important agenda, but government pressure has increased consumer negative sentiment about sugar use. The company said that this in turn put pressure on manufacturers to try to make sweet products more attractive, more delicious, and have lower sugar content. ITS Taste has developed a 50% sugar, low calorie flavor product.

Artificial sweeteners have long been used as a substitute for white sugar. However, consumers also view these issues from a negative perspective, which has led to a demand for natural sweeteners. With this in mind, the ITS team has been working on a range of new natural flavors to help reduce sugar and calorie levels.

With the improvement of consumers' health awareness and further attention to issues such as intestinal health, diabetes, and obesity, the future development of functional beverages is very good. Manufacturers are creating products that are responsive to innovation through innovative and effective solutions.

Anti-oxidation, Kefir, plant functional ingredients and sugar reduction, which are closely related to intestinal health, will be the new direction for the development of functional beverages. Consumers are becoming more and more strict with the market, making the beverage industry full of new opportunity and challenge.

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