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Insight into functional beverage market

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

Consumers' health awareness is constantly increasing.  We know more and more healthy products benefits .So the choice of healthy products has accelerated the iteration of the food industry. Low-sugar, low-calorie functional health foods have become the mainstream in today's market. The development of the soft drink industry in recent years has also followed this trend. Measures such as reducing sugar and lowering alcohol content have further improved the functional beverage market, making consumers more and more accepting such products. In this article, we have selected several very typical examples of innovative products that reveal several key innovation directions for functional beverages...

Britain's first antioxidant coffee LivOn!

coffee LivOn
coffee LivOn

Today, one-third of Britons suffer from liver disease, and prevention and treatment-related diseases have become an urgent social problem. Asanka De Silva, founder and CEO of Liver Health UK, said that most liver diseases are caused by poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. Clinical evidence shows that coffee is a component that improves liver health, so LivOn, the UK's first antioxidant coffee drink, was launched! Designed to reduce the risk of developing chronic liver disease.

LivOn! is a low-sugar, low-calorie, antioxidant-rich foods such as beverage containing antioxidants extracted from coffee and mung bean coffee extracts, three times the amount of regular coffee, 250ml per bottle, 38 calories, including plain cold coffee And toffee apple candy two flavors.

In order to meet the preferences of consumers, LivOn! does not add any refined sugar in the toffee apple sugar coffee drink, only apple juice and jujube juice, the sugar content is 2.8g. De Silva explained that the taste of this coffee is also very attractive to those who are sweet, and its sugar content is far below the recommended level in the UK.

Contrast milk and vine, because of the long-term consumption of coffee, the negative reputation of coffee neglects its health advantage, high sugar, high fat and high calorie coffee forgotten its potential benefits. De Silva hopes that coffee can be part of a healthy diet and a balanced diet in a delicious way without losing any health benefits.

Crystallized Lollipop Tea Tea-Pop provides the perfect tea experience anytime, anywhere

The tea experience on the go is often unsatisfactory. In order to be able to enjoy a cup of good tea anywhere and at any time, the tea crystal tea Tea-Pop appears. The company spent 18 months working closely with Chester University to overcome the difficult extraction process through a proprietary method developed, enabling the product to maintain the full essence of the tea, combining all synergies and making the tea dry by freeze drying. It becomes a solid crystalline form - similar to the shape of a lollipop, and contains all the antioxidants and vitamin a foods in the tea, which can maintain a shelf life of 18 months to 3 years under the correct sealing operation.

Tea Pop currently has three types of English morning tea, flower tea and fruit tea. The products are made by mixing and crystallizing various substances, such as ginger and lemon. Tea-Pop can even dissolve in cold water, and although it lasts longer, it still has the same aroma and taste as brewing in hot water.

Tea Tea-Pop
Tea Tea Pop

Tan Diep, the company's managing partner, said that Tea-Pop can be completely dissolved in water to form a perfect cup of tea. They think there is a gap in the aviation tea beverage market. When we introduced Tea-Pop to different airlines, the airlines thought it was a very novel idea, so the product began to be sold in the airport lounge, major department stores. Also interested in selling it as a novel gift to consumers who love tea.

This tea is inspired by Asia, where consumers prefer traditional herbal teas, and North American consumers prefer fruit tea, which is also considered by the company. Through processing, the company can create any blended tea that dissolves instantly.

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