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High protein,fat counterattacks are fully launched

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

In recent years, plant milk substitute products have shined, and the dairy products market has been continuously seized. Traditional dairy products have gradually become marginalized, and the dairy industry has begun to fall into an embarrassing situation. Recently, consumers have begun to be interested in high-protein products, and they are no longer escaping from fat. Therefore, the dairy industry hopes to take this opportunity to step up the counterattack and return dairy products to the C position. So what are the aspects of the turnaround of dairy products?

Never forget the protein


Retail sales of what high protein foods energy milk increased by 8.3% due to consumer demand for protein. Therefore, the protein content and quality of milk and dairy products are still important selling points. Consumers can easily link proteins to a variety of health benefits, fueling the powerful health of the protein, driving global consumer action, and nearly 80% of consumers are interested in protein.

However, consumers do not treat protein equally, and 60% of consumers have specific preferences for protein sources. Dairy products and milk proteins are good for them: a survey shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of respondents believe that milk and yogurt are good sources of protein, more than half (56%) It is believed that cheese also contains the ideal protein.

In the past decade, Greek yogurt has developed rapidly due to its high protein content,greek yogurt nutrition to us .However, as more and more food and beverage manufacturers join the protein army, consumers seem to be confused about these products, which leads to a decline in sales. According to I.R.I., the total retail sales of yogurt in 2017 fell by 4.8%, with traditional yogurt falling 6% and Greek yogurt falling 4.9%. On the other hand, sales of Australian and Icelandic yogurt increased by 8.3% and 61.3% from less than 1.5% of the market respectively.

Consumers of high-protein yogurt can also choose to eat ice cream homemade to supplement protein, but not the kind of ice cream that we are familiar with in the retail freezer, but a new type of low-fat,low carb high protein foods. Can be used to supplement energy and increase satiety. Despite the relatively dull retail ice cream market over the past 20 years, sales of these high-protein ice cream and packaged snacks increased by 2% during the year ending July 15, 2018.


Fat return helps milk recovery

Thanks to the trend of fat return, sales of whole milk increased by 2.9% in 2017. This phenomenon also appears in yogurt. According to I.R.I., sales of full-fat yogurt in 2017 increased by nearly 18% compared with 2016, while skim yogurt was hit hard, down 10%. In 2017, the market share of full-fat yoghurt increased by 3 percentage points, which was largely due to the high-end products that were fresh, especially those delicious snacks and desserts. The high-end yoghurt named after fat, Peak triple yoghurt is boldly out of the first ketone yoghurt, emphasizing the health and silky taste of high-quality fat to make dairy products regain the favor of consumers.

In addition, as consumers love fat and natural products for hair growth, the consumption of butter continues to grow. In the past 10 years, per capita butter consumption has increased by 1 pound. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average US butter consumption in 2017 reached 5.7 pounds, compared to 4.7 pounds in 2006.

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