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For lactose intolerance, how to choose the correct lactase?

Posted on December 24, 2019 by Rebecca

Infant lactose intolerance is non-infectious diarrhea caused by low secretion of lactase and incomplete digestion and decomposition of lactose in breast milk or milk, also known as lactase deficiency. Lactase deficiency is a widespread worldwide problem. The incidence of the Far East population is high, and most people do not have symptoms. However, diarrhea and other symptoms often occur in neonates and infants with milk as the main diet.  So how to choose the right lactase for lactose intolerance?


1. The product name should contain lactase

When we choose a product, the initial impression should be the name of the product, but most of the products on the market that claim to be "lactase" are not marked with lactase on the front side, such as a certain 6000 type glucose complex solid beverages near me, a certain probiotic solid beverage, the above two products are emphasized in the propaganda that they are so-called "lactase", but the product name is not marked.

Therefore, when consumers choose lactase products, they must pay attention to whether the product name contains lactase, as shown in the figure below, brand,  lactase and product category, this is the name of a standardized lactase product. The packaging should be directly printed with the word lactase and marked with the enzyme activity value. The product standard is produced according to the national standard GB2760-2014, and the product category is prepared to milk powder for babies.

2. Lactase products should be labeled with enzyme activity values

Since it is a lactase product, it is sure to ensure the activity of the enzyme inside, so the enzyme activity value in the smallest packaging unit should be marked on the product label. At present, most of the so-called "lactase" products on the market give consumers an illusion, that is, to emphasize the enzyme activity of the product in the product name and publicity, such as a certain 6000 type glucose complex solid beverage, so that consumers create an illusion, 6000 in the name is the enzyme activity.In addition,the promotion also repeatedly emphasize that the product has the enzyme activity of 6000.

Another is a certain kind of probiotic solid beverage mentioned above. Although there is no number in the name of the product, it is claimed in the propaganda that each strip contains about 10,000 enzymes. How does this value come from? ?

3. Lactase should be included in the ingredient list

Since it is a lactase product, it is sure to contain lactase in the ingredients. The regular product should be directly labeled with lactase in the ingredients. Currently, the national standard GB2760-2014 food additive use standard stipulates that only four types of products can add lactase. This includes the preparation of milk powder, but there is no solid beverage included here, which means that lactase cannot be added as a raw material in solid beverages.

ingredient list

However, many so-called solid beverage versions of the "lactase" on the market can only be added with lactase in the form of a smear of the milk powder (skimmed milk powder, lactase). Is it a little bit? In this case, why not directly produce the standard lactase-modulated milk powder? The answer is because the milk powder is a dairy product, the production standards, and testing standards are the same, and the manufacturer must have a dairy product production license. According to the certificate, there are relatively few manufacturers with such licenses in China, all of which are large dairy products. However, the domestic demand for lactase is very small, and it is difficult to meet the amount of domestic large-scale dairy industry.

There is also a very strict testing standard for dairy products, especially for microbiological requirements and limited quantity requirements. Compared with dairy production enterprises, enterprises with solid beverage production licenses are very easy to find in China. Such enterprises have a large number of them, many small factories have low requirements for the number of flats, and the detection standards of solid beverages are relatively different. Milk powder is also much looser, so many brands use the standard of solid beverages to produce so-called "lactase" products.

Then again, the milk powder is added to the solid beverage, but the indicators of the solid beverage are used to test the indicators. Is such a product safe for the baby? Is it really added with lactase? We can’t know.

4. The formulation of lactase should be extremely simplified

Lactase products have a single function, especially for babies. In order to alleviate the lactose intolerance of babies, it is necessary to reduce the other burden on the intestinal tract of babies as much as possible. At this time, the purity of the formula is required, and the enzyme activity is ensured as much as possible. Under the premise of reducing the amount of carrier added.

However, most of the so-called solid beverage versions of "lactase" have a package size of about 2-3g per bag, and the ingredients contain glucose. Glucose can be directly absorbed in the human body without any digestion or rate-limiting enzymes. The effect of blood sugar is relatively large, and repeated oral use (such as long-term use) within one day can cause damage to body organs, especially in developing babies. In addition, long-term consumption of glucose can cause anorexia, partial eclipse, dental caries, and obesity.

There are also some brands that will add probiotics to the solid beverage version of "lactase". People with common sense know that there are only 9 strains approved for use in infant foods in China if the probiotic strains in the ingredients list are not labeled If the strain number is used, it cannot be eaten by infants and young children. Moreover, breast-fed lactose intolerance is not suitable for the consumption of probiotics, which will lead to increased frequency of stools and aggravation of diarrhea. This has a certain relationship with the oligosaccharides contained in breast milk, which will be used by probiotics to produce organic acids. To promote intestinal peristalsis.

If the baby is fed with the milk powder, it is not affected by this, but the source of the strain should also be determined. The probiotics without the strain number can not be given to the baby. So why is the so-called solid beverage version of "lactase" not able to achieve the 1g specification, using a very simplified formula? Because the milk powder national standard has regulations, milk solids greater than 70% will be classified into the formula, completely in accordance with the milk powder The standard goes to production and supervision. The enterprise does not have a milk powder production license. It can only fill the other raw materials to dilute the solid value of the milk so that the product can reach the standard of solid beverages, and even some manufacturers take risks and arbitrarily without a license. Processing and formulating milk powder, keeping food safe and careless, and walking on the edge of the law.

5. Acidic lactase should be used as raw material

In general, lactase is divided into neutral lactase and acid lactase. The pH value of neutral lactase is about 6-7, which is mostly used in food processing. How is milk made lactose free? For example, lactose-free milk we often hear before is the first to use super The filtration technique removes the lactose from the milk and then adds lactase for hydrolysis. Neutral lactase needs to be hydrolyzed in vitro before it can be consumed. The general time is 15 minutes to half an hour. In addition, since the lactose in milk has been hydrolyzed, it is glucose and galactose in the body. Lactase is secreted by the stimulation of lactose, which is not conducive to the recovery of lactose intolerance.

The acid lactase has a PH value of 5 or less and can be taken together with milk powder and breast milk without being damaged by gastric acid. It is convenient to eat, and lactose in milk powder or breast milk can also stimulate intestinal secretion of lactase to participate in the process of metabolizing lactose. Going is conducive to the recovery of lactose metabolism in the intestinal tract. Therefore, the use of acid lactase as a raw material is a good choice for baby lactase.

‍6. Lactase dosage form should be based on this scientific and reasonable principle

In recent years, many infants and young children's nutrition products are in the form of drops. Lactase is no exception. The most attractive place for such products is convenient and easy to use. Because of the lack of corresponding national standards for drops of nutritional products in China, many products All them have entered China through purchasing and cross-border e-commerce. Since they have not been tested by our inspection and quarantine departments, we are not sure what kind of products are.

There is also an imported drip-type "lactase", which is a product that has been imported from the regulatory system. For the products of the drops, as mentioned above, there is no current national standard in China. That is to say, the import of finished products cannot be classified, and many ports with strict management are not allowed to import such products. This has also led many brands to import such products (food ingredients) by means of compounded food additives, such as a certain brand of emulsifier lactase.

It should be a food additive (food raw material) used for ingredients used in food processing, but it is directly used by brand owners for what is food processing terminal sales, so the risk of policies and regulations is very high, and this behavior will be listed as a violation of food by the General Administration of Markets. The scope of the safety law, in addition to the product label, does not comply with the current laws and regulations, circumventing the limitations of the relevant standards of lactase products, can be said to be extremely daring.


The lactase used in such products is mostly industrialized lactase (so-called neutral lactase), which is used to hydrolyze lactose in vitro, and the endosome hydrolysis effect is inferior to that of the acid lactase preparation. There is also the distribution of lactase with glycerol and water as a carrier and the stability after opening. It is different from the individually packaged lactase, anti-pollution and anti-oxidation ability, etc., which also need to be verified by clinicians.

I believe that through the above 6 points, we should understand some of the chaos in the current lactase market. However, through scientific and rational choices, I believe that everyone will choose a truly standardized lactase product. I also hope that the majority of companies can lead by example. Some don't develop a respectable and respectful scientific lactase product.

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