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Big Change of the US Kaifa Yogurt ?

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

2018 can be said to be a very active year for probiotics. From the China Dairy Conference, the bright "anti-smog" yogurt from the eye, to the popularity of various types of fermentation products...yogurt near me and you!

New Nutrition Business ranks Digestive Health as the top 2018 food nutrition and health trend. To discuss the "spiritual skills" of digesting health, I have to mention Kaifei.


The reason why Kefir is able to rise in the dairy products  market is that it can create new differences with traditional yogurt.

The number and richness of different strains contained in Kefir are higher than that of ordinary yogurt. The unique yeast and acetic acid bacteria are not found in the yogurt fermentation bacteria, and the lactic acid bacteria and bifid are generally included in yogurt. Bacillus, Kefir tablets are also included.

The sugar-activated Kefir granules can be fermented on the surface of the dairy products  for fermentation. The components of the granules mainly include water, sticky polysaccharides, proteins, lipids and various probiotics. Fermentation time is usually 24 hours, while ordinary yogurt is generally fermented for 6-12 hours and no longer than 14 hours. Kefir yoghurt is fermented for a longer period of time, which also makes Kefir yoghurt less lactose, more suitable for people who are lactose intolerant or who wants to have lactose intolerant treats.

The various floras rich in Kefir yoghurt are similar to the composition of the human intestinal flora, and can colonize the intestinal tract for a long time. Klebsiella and Kefir can also penetrate into the gastrointestinal mucosa to control and destroy the harmful yeast and some other bacteria that occupy it, maintaining a clean and healthy colon environment. Studies have shown that Kefir helps resolve ulcerative infections caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Helicobacter pylori, and various forms of diarrhea in babies. Therefore, if your stomach is very delicate, Kefir yogurt may be more suitable for you than yogurt.

Scholar Dr. Sharifi M published a research review last year summarizing Kefir's research on the impact of cancer treatment [3]. Various studies have shown that Kefir has different degrees of benefits for different types of cancer. How we can know theBreast cancer causes ?Breast cancer patients taking Kaifeier extract have a certain degree of inhibition of breast cancer cell growth, and the immune response of the breast has a certain degree. Improvement. Kefir can also inhibit HMV-1, SK-MEL and TIG-1 morphological changes in melanoma cell lines induced by UVC irradiation, and reduce UV damage; for gastric cancer and colorectal cancer cells, Kefir can induce gastric cancer Apoptosis of cells causes G1 arrest in colorectal cancer cells, inhibits replication and proliferation of colorectal cancer cells, and high-level short-chain fatty acids such as acetic acid and lactic acid in Kafir have antioxidant effects, which can effectively reduce DNA damage; In the experiment, Kefir has the effect of inhibiting the growth of sarcoma tumors.

In addition, Kefir fermented for a longer period of time and degraded lactose more thoroughly. It is a boon for people who are largely intolerant of lactose in Asia. Moreover, animal experiments have shown that Kefir can inhibit allergies and asthma caused by inflammatory reactions [4].


In March of this year, Yung-Tsung Chen and other scholars from the Institute of Biotechnology of the University of Taipei, through rat experiments, found that Lactobacillus casei APS1 isolated from the sugar-free Kefir strain can be manipulated by specific non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD). Related intestinal flora to regulate lipid metabolism and antioxidant activity, thereby improving hepatic steatosis.

From the point of view of product packaging, Lifeway's products are ready-to-drink bottles, spoons, cups, and sip bags. From the product form, there are liquid ready-to-drink, frozen kefir, farm cheese, and Kefir dietary supplement. From the point of view of the consumer group, ProBugs, a sip-packed dairy product designed for children, is a product similar to the drinking yoghurt made by people who love yogurt. Biokefirshots, etc... are plant-based and high-protein Trends, Lifeway will also launch a new line of plant products, plant-based probiotic milkshakes.

In the future, for the European and American markets, non-dairy products × Kefir; plant base × Kefir; super ingredients × Kefir; Kefir dietary supplements, will be the four hot.

In the Asian region, in addition to breaking through the restrictions on production technology in Kaifei, what is to be done is the cultivation of the Kaifei market, consumer education and localization of Kaifei. There will be leaders and even new superfood kingdoms.

Think back to the development of the dairy market over the past decade:

Yogurt dominates the dairy market, which took almost 10 years from the launch of Activia's Activia in 2006;

Greek yoghurt became the mainstream of the yogurt market. From 2007, Greek yoghurt only accounted for 1% of the US yoghurt market. At that time, Chobani entered with white hand. By 2016, Chobani surpassed Danone and GM to become Greek yoghurt NO.1, and also brought the Greek yoghurt market to the fire and grew to Accounted for more than 50% of the yogurt market, from less than 10 years from 1% to 50%;

So what about Kaifei?

Peng Yu, one of the founders of HeyJuice, mentioned in the sharing of new categories that it is a consumer product, a category that has been long enough for the category, and a category of yogurt, as early as 5000 BC, Mesopotamia. Invented yogurt.

Kefir existed in the Caucasus thousands of years ago and has been one of the main drinks for locals in many countries in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Now, compared with other yogurts, Kaifei is not the mainstream. Although it is far better than ordinary yoghurt in health and nutrition, it also faces many problems of technology and popularization.

However, maybe the problem for you is the help of others' success. You see it as a problem, it is just a problem, you see it as a challenge, it is not only a challenge.

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