Lactose Intolerance Test At Home For Baby

Asians are not naturally unsuitable for milk

Posted on December 21, 2019 by Rebecca

Some experts have said that "Asian people are not suitable for drinking milk, and we can get protein from milk". The reason is that Asians lack lactase. This view is not only biased but also totally wrong. In fact, these experts forgot the fact that when they were born from their mothers, Europeans ate milk and Americans ate milk. Wouldn't Asians eat milk? The newborn's first stutter is not steamed bread, nor rice, but still milk. The best alternative to weaning is milk.

The real difference is that most Europeans and Americans develop a lifelong habit of drinking milk, so lactase does not breakthrough in their lifetime; while most Asians do not drink milk for life, resulting in a temporary lactase deficiency,but the retention of this enzyme is reversible, while drinking milk it has always existed´╝îand it is gone without milk.

drink milk

As long as a small number of multiple drinks (such as drinking only 100 grams at a time) adhere to milk for three weeks, lactase can generally recover, after recovery will not have diarrhea in babies. Therefore, people all over the world are suitable for drinking milk, saying that Asian people are not suitable for drinking milk is contrary to the objective reality of "eating milk first".

The survey data show that "90% of Asians are lactose intolerant" and I believe it's not wrong, but it's more appropriate to say that "90% of adult Asians do not have the habit of drinking dairy products for a long time". So the statement in question actually inverts causality. Because Asians are not accustomed to drinking milk, it leads to habitual lactose intolerance we can do test for lactose intolerance. It is not because of lactose intolerance that milk is not suitable for drinking.

Babies are milk drinkers, can digest, there is no reason to grow up this gene is no longer. There is only one possibility that the human body will no longer produce large amounts of lactase that is no longer used for a long time without milk. This is also the inevitable result of the ability of species to adapt to the environment over hundreds of millions of years of evolution. All enzymes, whether used or not, are secreted by the body on time and with good quality. This way of investing more, the advantages and disadvantages have long been eliminated.

Some people will say that babies are on breastfeeding diet, can you do the same? It's really different. If you think about it, shouldn't you check the cost table of human milk before commenting? Human lactose 7%, milk 4.5%. Would anyone think that human milk would bring lactase?

Westerners prefer cheese in their daily diet. European animal husbandry is dominated by cattle (and also by goat milk). When milk is made into cheese, it is easier to preserve and the process is not complicated. There are many ways to eat, and it's very convenient, with bread, salad, or baking. Considering the most common occasions for cheese, this simplicity also conforms to the dietary habits of Europeans.

The climate in Europe is more suitable for raising dairy cows. Dairy products is very high.

dairy cow

The climate in many parts of Asia is extreme for animal husbandry (such as southern China and South-East Asia). It is too hot and humid to eat dairy products extensively. For Westerners, dairy products are an important way of protein intake. Cheese is a way to store milk for a long time, and it is more convenient to carry. Asians have developed soybean products processing technology, which can also effectively absorb protein.

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