Lactose Intolerance Free Test At Home For Baby


LactInTest is special designed for baby to assay Lactose Intolerance. It's rapid test kit, easy to use, no special training, home test base, to help mothers take good care of babies. 

What's Benefits?

1. Home Test - no need to see doctor
2. Save time - know result immediately, within 15 minutes to result
3. Easy to use - no training required
4. No special equipment required
5. Reliable results


1. Help you confirm lactose intolerance
2. To make a good choice for feeding food
3. Help you know your baby health status
4. Take lactase to reduce symptom

The Lactose Intolerance Assay Methods Comparison

Lactose Intolerance Harmful to Baby Growth

1. It affects the nutritional absorption of the baby.
2. It affects the intelligence of the baby.
3. It causes intestinal problems of the baby.
4. Causes the slow development of the baby.
5. Causes frequent diarrhea, and induce diaper rash.
6. It is unfavorable for the baby's calcium absorption.
7. Makes the baby cry frequently.
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